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Do you know that Topix closed recently? Of course, it must be bad news for you who keep updates with the latest information in global that is happening right now. In this case, you can stop worrying as you all can find rich information that you need in this place. If you see, the website is like a replacement of the topix site. Well, you can start to check out the latest updates in order to keep in touch with what is happening today.

Anyway, there will be some categories or what you call as topics. You can start choosing the one you like from those menus. No doubt, the team has set the website well organized for all visitors for the sake of comvenience of the readers. Bacially, Topix is a news aggregrator internet media company. It was founded 16 years ago in 2004 and you can find the headquarters in Palo Alto, California, United States.

Yes, 16 years ago, the founders; Bryn Dole, Rich Skyrenta, Bob Truel, Tom Markson, Mike Markson, and Crhis Toiles wanted to create the best internet media company. Now, Chris Toiles becomes the CEO of the comapny whole Steve is the COO, and Mike is the VP engineering. This industry of internet pushes the alexa rank that is number 21,082 in 2019.

One of the famous sites or platforms created by the company is its forum. Yes, the forum is organized by certain locals with subject matters. Here, it is open for all people so that all visitors are allowed to post some comments that are relevant to particular news stories. But, some people may do not follow the rules as they post some comments that are irrelevant.

You know, this internet media company grows from a very small cities and towns in the United States to global discussions. And now, you can say that this media is well known in the feud states. Belive it or not, there are more than 100 journalists complete with the editors from a different newspapers who registered to create accounts in Topix. And, they start to make discussion with locals and thousands of volunteers all over the world. But, in 2012, the team has been disabled the button of edit from the volunteers for some reasons.

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