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In case it is the first time you hear about Topix, it is one of the most famous news aggregator internet media company created in the United States. Now, what happened to Topix forums? Topix removed certain forbidden topic, which was one of its most popular topics, from its forums on June 26, 2016. The Topix local news and forums were shut down on December 20, 2018.

Well, you may start questioning why did Topix shut down? If you see, Topix recently a plague on people and places, is shut down. You can say that one of the most divisive and controversial forms of social media is no more. Topix, the internet site that allowed sickos, troublemakers and muckrakers to post anything they wanted anonymously. Believe it or not, it has been shut down by the owner.

And now, how do you find out who posted on Topix? If you are looking for certain pots, you can scroll on the results page from your search. And then, you can try to find the user with the username you entered and click the link to visit her personal Topix page. If you see, from the profile page, you have the ability to view all posts and comments. Those are made by the user whose username you searched. It is easy as it is anyway.

In a different term, you may ever find the term capitalized and you start asking what does Topix stand for. Indeed, it stands for Tokyo Price Index. Well, of course, itis a different story as The Tokyo Price Index is generally metric for stock prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. You can say that it is a capitalization-weighted index that lists all firms in the TSE’s first section . Yes, it is a section that organizes all large firms on the exchange into one group.

If you are looking for the price index, you know that you may not find it in Topix news media. But, you don’t have to be sad as you are still capable of joining the forum in order to discuss about certain issues you need. There are thousands of newspapers journalists with locals in the forums and you can pick a topic you need. And also, you can start asking some questions and the volunteers will give their best responses. That is how the forum works!

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