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We all know that Topix is a famous news aggregator internet media company in the world. You can find them from the smalles scales like cities and towns up to global in different countries. It was co-founded in 2004 by Bryn Dole, Rich Skrenta, Bob Truel, Tom Markson, Mike Markson and Chris Tolles, many of whom founded the Open Directory Project. In March 2005, the Knight Ridder which mostly discussing about later taken over by The McClatchy Company.

And also, you can find that Tribune Company and Gannett media companies purchased a 75% share of the company. On April 1, 2007, it acquired the domain name and invited volunteers to edit the topics of their choice, on top of over 100 journalists and editors from various newspapers already signed up. Sometime in 2012 they took that volunteer edit option away without any communication to the thousands of volunteers.

Topix went on to create a community news editing platform, and popular forum system, allowing users to comment on news articles and the goings on of local communities. Topix also created forums, organized by locality as well as by subject matter, which allow visitors to post comments whether or not they are relevant to a particular news story.

The founders of Topix initially wanted it to be a news aggregator, with specific pages for every community in the United States. As Topix matured, most of its growth occurred in small cities and towns in the United States. The people who commented in the Topix forums wanted to focus the discussions on more traditional small community gossip. Topix’s main user base consists of posters from cities and towns in the United States. Chris Tolles, the chief executive of Topix LLC since June 2007, said that Topix is very popular in “the feud states”.

Topix has the following category-specific sites that are stars which mostly discussing about celebrity and entertainment. Or maybe, you can explore offbeat which mostly discussing about pop culture and humor. And also, you can find wellnest which is health and wellness. Besides, you can find sideline about sports. For new color, you may try blackbeat which mostly discussing about black entertainment.

Of course, there are many other else to explore like Parenthood which mostly discussing about Parenting. And also, you can find Pawsome which mostly discussing about Pets. In case you are interested, you can search Estrellas that is discussing etertainment of Spanish Language . One of the most favorites by among people are rewind which mostly discussing about History. And also tempo that is about music. if you love traveling, you can And also, you can explore passport.

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